May 2020

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2020/5/18 English: Directional Essays 指導性文章

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In English class we learned to craft a "Directions Essay" - that is to say a "How to do something" essay. The students again had to find out how to do something at home and then write down the steps that had to be followed. For their presentation they introduced their materials along with their PPTs. They then actually recreated the steps in class as part of their presentation, all the while delivering their speech. The students created fantastic Lego cars, delicious fried rice and delectable bean and salsa tacos!

2020/5/18 Science: Pop-pop Boat 噗噗船實驗

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In Science we have explored the states of matter, transfer of energy (with a focus on heat energy and kinetic energy) as well as the differences between a physical change and a chemical reaction. The Pop-pop boat project we did was ideally suited to reinforce and help explore all that we had learned.

2020/5/15 Math Class: 城市設計師 City Designers

For math class the students had to design a city. As the city's head engineers, they had to get permits from the city council (the teacher) by passing tests on shapes, solids, nets, angles, area, perimeter and much more! We discussed all the things a city should have. From these brainstormed lists we created a key dictating shapes and angles as well as the key buildings that make up a city.

Students then had to plan the roads and connections between 10 different districts. These included an entertainment area, tourist attractions, parks, suburbs, city living, city hall, public works, industrial park, downtown and a business district. Each building incorporates the angles and shapes on the keys.

電話報名說明會 : 03 - 6581938 線上報名說明會: 點我線上報名 ( Register Online )